Some tourist routes recommended by the Maremma 'Hotel La Palma:

Minicrociere isole Giglio e Giannutri

tuscany seaOur mini-cruises offer you the perfect opportunity to spend a short but intense and memorable holiday of relaxation and fun by visiting the beautiful islands of Giglio and Giannutri and immersing yourself in their waters.

Giardino dei Tarocchi

Tarot gardenIs an artistic park builded by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Perfectly insert in the tuscan landscape hill, are rappresent 22 the Major Arcana of the tarocs with coloured and biggest sculpture covered of mozaic hights as far as 12 m.

Parco Naturale della Maremma

parco della maremmaNamed parco dell'Uccellina, can be consired the emblem of Maremma. Here the natur reign sovereign, all is how was in the past. In its woods of mediterrain plants can find some animals how boar , badger, ecc. and medieval towers. In the flat zone, live maremman cow and horse. You can visit that in mountain bike, walking or riding along the some journey arriving as far as mounth of River Ombrone.

Riserva Naturale W.W.F. di Burano

Lago di BuranoIs a salmastre lagoon separated of the sea of a dune. Every years, in the migration season, you can admire the rose flamingoes, white airons...

Pitigliano - Sorano - Sovana - Saturnia

pitiglianoThe cot of civilization of tufo, there are the best town of Maremma. Sovana is a town of etruscan origin give at the guests the impression that go back to the past. To visit the council, the some shops of antique and of craftsman that make the work leather and the grave of Ildebranda (the most famous in Maremma). In Sorano can visit the hostoric center and the Fortezza Orsini. Pitigliano is certainly the most beautiful and typical of all Maremma. To visit the synagogue, the historic center, the medieval council, Orsini palace and numerous cellar digst of the inhabitant where the wine are conserved at the temperature of 12 degree.Don't miss the evening show of the town that is on the end of a montain. Saturnia, very famous for its spring, has a beauty famous in all Europe.

Monte Argentario e Isole del Giglio e Giannutri

Porto santo stefano -argentarioMonte argentario (a insle in the past), give a wonderful cristal water and View on the sea. To visit Porto s. Stefano, Porto Ercole, l'Isola del Giglio, the second biggest of Tuscan Arcipelago, is situated at 17 km from Argentario.Almest all is form of granite and have a mediterrain vegetation. Giannutri, named isle of the seagull, has a surface around 3 km square. And is far from isola del giglio about 15 km. The greeks named this "Artemisia", the romans "Dianum" for ist arc's forme.They made it a place of holiday and this is proofed perhaps by the magnificent remains of the villa of first century B.C. Fishes aren't scared of men who always come to see the unique sea bed, rich in cave and chalky stones.

Centro Storico di Capalbio

CapalbioA wonderful medieval village, situated in a unique nature typical of macchia mediterranea.In 2007 Capalbio have received the 5 flats of Legambiente,the higgest level for its quality of the sea water and of tourism services(classified at the firs level on Italy). To visit is the historical center with San Nicola Church decorated with affescoes of 3rd century and of rennaissance, and Oratorio della Provvidenza situated outside of the walls, one frescoes dedicated to Pinturicchio and The Castle that host the piano of Giacomo Puccini Capalbio is ideal for romantic walking on the evening and give a wonderful view that arrive as far as sea.

Parchi Archeologici

Parchi archeologiciMaremma is an antician land that was inhabited from Etruscan, a extraordinary people, since seventh century B.C. We can see traces of their permanence in Orbetello (in the historical center) and in Ansedonia where there's the "Thing City" with a huge nephritis immersed in hundred-year old olive tree. It appear on the lagoon of Orbetello and on the Lily Island. Besides there is The Queen's Slit (special hydraulic system) in Telamone. That named the port "Tlamu" and then transformated from the romans in "Telamon". An another wonderful necropoli is a Vulci. Here you can admire the frescoes tombs, the medieval castle with the ditch where is the museum and vault deck from abbadia high more 30 metres on the river Fiora builded of etruscan